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Benefit from our septic tank additive

Our septic tank additive is specially designed to replenish and boost the naturally occurring bacteria that break down, liquefy and deodorize the naturally occurring bacteria in your septic tank. Some factors that often upset the natural process are: overuse of disinfectants, overuse of bleaches, overuse of detergents, and very hot or cold conditions; if you use the Septic Tank Additive on a monthly basis it helps your system with the invaluable micro-organisms and allows natural activity to continue.

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Get Regular Maintenance on Your System and Grease Trap Service to Save on Repairs

In order to keep your septic system running properly, it is important to get regular maintenance for your grease trap. Getting the proper grease trap maintenance is vital to have efficiently operating grease traps.


When your grease trap is not cleaned regularly, you can run into a large range of problems. Some of these problems include build-up of collected fats, oils, and grease. Don't run into these problems, give us a call today!

Benefits of regular maintenance

  • Keep your system running on time

  • Affordable services

  • Courteous technicians

  • Prevent grease build-up

  • Save money on repairs

Septic services offered:

  • Septic system repair

  • Septic system blockages and damage

  • Diagnostics and camera line service

  • Septic system replacement

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